Opening hours Castle area: Freely accessible | New Generation Museum, café & shop: Tuesday–Sunday 9.00–17.00 Contact | +420 602 565 309 (workdays), +420 564 565 231 (weekends and public holidays)

Muzeum nové generace - pohled do druhého patra

New Generation Museum

A multimedia exhibition full of play with light and shadow, music, and animated stories, in which you will become part of the 800-year-old story of the castle and its surroundings.


The museum holds the following prizes and awards:

Živa award for the Most creative museum in Central Europe 2016, Construction of Vysočina Region 2016, 2nd place in the category Best museums in the Czech Republic from the travel portal TripAdvisor 2018, Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor 2018, Awarded by parents 2018.

Muzeum nové generace - druhé patro s modelem Zelené hory
Muzeum nové generace - anděl
Zámek Žďár nad Sázavou - vstup do Muzea nové generace, foto Pavel Juráček, zámecká terasa

Opening hours of the Museum

Public holidays
Open as on the current day of the current month

Admission fees

250 CZK
200 CZK
Children 6–17 years old
210 CZK
Students up to 26 years
210 CZK
Seniors 65+
775 CZK
2x adult and up to 3 children 6-17 years old
Groups 10+
120/130 CZK
Groups 10+
165 CZK
Other groups
Muzeum nové generace - druhé patro, baroko

A wonderful, modern, interactive museum with an audio guide, where you play an audio recording for each exhibit, which describes the present exhibited piece. Everyone can walk at their own pace and play whatever they missed at any time. I recommend.

Muzeum nové generace s návštěvníky

I definitely don't consider classically conceived museums to be a thing of the past, but the form they chose at the New Generation Museum is great. Not only are you not bored, but you can choose the pace and style that suits you. Whether you are twelve or seventy. In the beginning, you will receive an audio guide, which is actually a programmable MP3 player, where you choose to start the interpretation according to the number of individual exhibits - your stops. You can stay in each place and replay the recordings several times. Do you like a continuous film recording or a short documentary? Just stop by the video projection. And most importantly: you have five languages available in the audio guide.

Muzeum nové generace - světelná stěna

Great tour for kids, they had a great experience.

Muzeum nové generace s dětmi

This is terrific. A monk and a little girl tell the stories and history through headphones, so it will also interest children. It's very well recorded, the four-year-old girl was ecstatic. Barrier-free. We spent about 90 minutes there.

What will you experience in the museum?

At the reception, you will receive headphones with an audio guide and the pleasant voices of a little girl from the present, a Cistercian monk, and other figures from history who will guide you through the entire exhibition. Unique multimedia elements will literally draw you into the story! You will look forward to more and more and more exhibits…

Muzeum nové generace - pohled ke hvězdám

The ground floor of the exhibition is dedicated to the Cistercian Order and the dark medieval ages, the first floor allows you to investigate the beautiful and colorful world of the Baroque. Enjoy the combination of experiential elements with exhibits borrowed from major Czech institutions.

Muzeum nové generace - I. patro

Enter the dark forests where the fearless monks built the first monastery in the 13th century. Meet one day in the life of a monk, browse the virtual chronicle, or discover the beauty of Cistercian art. Then, thanks to the kaleidoscope, you will move into a period of prosperity, the flourishing of art, science, and architecture, into the Baroque period. You will get to know Abbot Vejmluva, a prominent figure of the former monastery, you will meet the genius architect Jan Blažej Santini or you will get into the mathematical secrets of the Pilgrimage Church of St. John of Nepomuk at Zelená hora (UNESCO monument).

Muzeum nové generace - Zelená hora

The audio guide is recorded in 5 foreign language versions - English, German, French, Polish and Russian. The museum is barrier-free, and dogs are allowed here.

Muzeum nové generace - příchod mnichů cisterciáků

Our tip

Visit the New Generation Museum as the first place on the way to discover the Žďárské vrchy region. The New Generation Museum is not just a museum, it is the key to understanding the entire area of the former monastery – today’s castle in Žďár nad Sázavou, Zelená hora (UNESCO monument), and the surrounding area.

After the visit, you will hold all the clues to your journey in your hand! It can lead from the Museum, for example in the Footprints of Santini (guided tour of the castle grounds).

The New Generation Museum is thus the only museum whose goal is to drive the visitor out of the museum.

Muzeum nové generace - kaleidoskop