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Svatba na zámku - jabloňový sad IIII

Wedding at the castle

Are you looking for a beautiful and romantic place for your wedding day? The premises of the Žďár castle are perfect for that. You can say your „I do“ in several indoor and outdoor areas. You will also be thrilled by the beautiful halls suitable for smaller and large wedding receptions.

Svatebčané se Zelenou horou
Zimní svatba na zámku - výhled ze Zelené hory
Svatba na zámku - jabloňový sad
Svatební editorial
Svatba na zámku - fotografování v jabloňovém sadu
Svatební obřad v oválném sálu Prelatury
Svatební obřad v barokních konírnách

Why should you choose Žďár Castle for your wedding?

  1. Located in the heart of the Vysočina Region.
  2. Unique spaces for all types of weddings.
  3. We will be happy to help you with the accompanying program, catering, and music.
  4. Accommodation directly in the area.
  5. Photographing in the beautiful castle premises.

Places for your wedding

Oválný sál zámecké prelatury

Prelature oval fresco hall

Monumental hall with an extensive frescoed ceiling.

Suitable for a wedding ceremony.

Barokní konírny

Baroque stables hall

Breathtaking space with a star-shaped vault.

Suitable for a wedding ceremony.

Freskové sály - pohled přes sály

Fresco Baroque halls

Three interconnected halls with frescoes.

Suitable for a wedding reception.

Sál Konventu

Convent hall

Spacious hall in a former monk´s residence.

Suitable for a wedding reception.

Zámecká Forota - jabloňový sad na jaře

Apple Garden

Large garden (also known as Forota) with a beautiful backdrop of the castle.

Suitable for wedding ceremony and reception.

Svatba na IV. nádvoří

4th Courtyard

A romantic place surrounded by baroque.

Suitable for a wedding ceremony and reception.

Fotografování ženicha a nevěsty se Zelenou horou

Your help, dedication, and ability to arrange everything with a smile were incredible!! From start to finish! It was the best decision we could have made to have a wedding at your castle. It met, and perhaps even exceeded, all our expectations! Everything turned out to be perfect and we had a wonderful time! Us, family, and friends!

Svatba na zámku - jabloňový sad II

The wedding was very successful, and the guests praised everything. They were excited about the castle and the castle's accommodation. Thank you very much for your helpfulness.

The price for organization of the wedding ceremony (complete price for the ceremony in all castle areas from 2021 onwards) 11 000 CZK

Come and see for yourself

We will be happy to welcome you to a non-binding meeting, where we will walk you through all the premises, tell us more about the actual organization of the wedding day, have a great coffee in our café, and experience the atmosphere of the castle firsthand.

Nevěsta v zámeckém jabloňovém sadu