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Accommodation at our castle will be an unforgettable experience for you. Romantic Baroque tower, design rooms where you will feel like in a beautiful garden, family apartments in a former mill, or a Baroque aristocratic academy… Just choose and fulfill your dreams.

Gardener House

Have you ever slept inside of an herbarium? Stylish accommodation which is telling a story can be found right in the 1st Castle Courtyard.

Zahradníkův domek - ložnice zelený pokoj - Zámek Žďár
Zahradníkův domek - Zámek Žďár
Zahradníkův domek - posezení červený pokoj - Zámek Žďár
Zahradníkův domek - koupelna červený pokoj - Zámek Žďár nad Sázavou
Zahradníkův domek, ložnice žlutého pokoje - Zámek Žďár


The three-story baroque tower is the dominant feature of our castle, and staying in it is always an unforgettable experience.

Barokní věž a Zelená hora
Barokní věž - pokoj 02, celkový pohled
Dřevěné točité schodiště Barokní věž
Barokní věž - pokoj 01
Barokní věž - pokoj 03, koupelna


Stay in a place where a monastery mill stood from the mid-17th century and beer was brewed in neighboring buildings.

Apartmán Mlýn - pohled z Pivovarského nádvoří
Mlýn - ložnice (apartmán I.)
Mlýn - kuchyň
Mlýn - pokoj s manželskou postelí a koupelnou
Apartmán Mlýn - chodba v přízemí


This stylish, spacious apartment is set in a former 18th-century aristocratic academy. It is ideal for a family holiday.

Apartmán U Kašny - III. nádvoří II
Apartmán u Kašny - ložnice
Apartmán u Kašny - kuchyň
Apartmán u Kašny - koupelna
Zahradníkův domek, ložnice modrého pokoje - Zámek Žďár ubytování

Amazing accommodation right in the Baroque tower of the Žďár nad Sázavou Castle. We absolutely loved the atmosphere, living in the castle complex for a few days. The room is very large and comfortable, especially the bed.

Barokní věž - Zámek Žďár nad Sázavou

We used the possibility of accommodation in the tower. It has a beautiful atmosphere to try sleeping at the castle. The room meets everything you expect from the accommodation, a beautiful nice clean bed, bathroom, and peace.