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Corporate events

Firemní akce - catering ve Freskových sálech

Corporate events

You will find the key to successful corporate development in the castle, come and see for yourself.

Firemní akce - catering a networking ve Freskových sálech
Firemní akce na zámku - catering
Firemní akce - přednášející ve Freskových sálech

Why should you choose Žďár Castle for your event?

  1. Impressive genius loci.
  2. Strategic location in the heart of the Vysočina Region.
  3. Rich accompanying program.
  4. Relax and social evenings.
  5. Professional organizational team.

Premises which we will be happy to lend you the keys:

Zámecké Inventorium


Multifunctional space with a capacity of up to 130 people.

Freskový sál - stolové uspořádání

Fresco Baroque halls

3 spacious halls with facilities and capacity for up to 220 people.

Nové sály

New Baroque halls

Smaller representative lounges for up to 50 people.

Sály při šlechtické akademii

Aristocratic academy halls

Two smaller halls, suitable for smaller workgroups.

Oválný freskový sál Prelatury

Prelature oval fresco hall

Representative hall with a monumental fresco.

Sál Konventu

Convent hall

Spacious hall with a maximum capacity of 200 seated people.

Firemní akce - raut v zámecké vinárně

Wine cellar

Space for private events for up to 30 people.

Firemní akce - zážitkový program

Thank you for the extraordinary attention you and your colleagues have given us to the evening program and the entire General Assembly meeting. All participants also appreciated Mr. Kinský's presence and helpfulness during the tour of the castle.

Firemní akce - Inventorium a prostory Muzea nové generace

Thank you for the inspiring meeting, beautiful accommodation, and care of all employees.

Borrow the keys

Do you want to borrow a key? Or are you still not sure which one will be right for you? Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to guide you through the castle in a non-binding walkthrough and help you prepare for your event.

Letecký pohled na Zámek Žďár nad Sázavou I, foto Jan Ptáček ml.