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Following Santini's Footprints

You will discover the unique buildings of the important architect Jan Blažej Santini Aichel at every step. Our guides look forward to helping you uncover their stories during the tour.

Oválný sál zámecké Prelatury - pohled do oken

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2x adult and up to 3 children 6-18 years old
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90 CZK
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Discounted ticket "Keys to the Castle" (New Generation Museum + guided tour + Baroque Gallery)

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Seniors 65+, children 6–18 years old, students up to 26 years, disability card holders
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Opening hours of the guided tour

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*The last guided tour always starts one hour before the time stated here. Guided tours usually start at the top of the hour (except for possible restrictions on the route – wedding ceremonies, cultural events, etc.). You can order a guided tour all year round calling +420 602 565 309 (weekdays) or +420 564 565 231 (weekends and public holidays). The entrance to the Basilica might be restricted by its schedule (masses, weddings, baptisms, etc.). If it is impossible to inspect its interior, we will kindly offer you a tour of another, normally inaccessible place in the castle. Guided tours are usually in Czech. You can consult possibilities of tours in other languages at the reception desk or contact us beforehand.
Schodiště v Prelatuře

The former Cistercian monastery has been transformed into the current castle of the Kinský family, but traces of the monastery's past are still very visible and determine the overall impression of the large complex. The central building is the basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which was redesigned by the builder J. B. Santini. It is worth noting the ceiling fresco in the building of the prelature, which has been preserved unchanged.

Bazilika Nanebevzetí Panny Marie a sv. Mikuláše - pohled ze IV. nádvoří

It was so pleasant to listen to our guide – Eva. Her interpretation is perfect. The castle looks very nice. The tour Following Santini’s Footprints + Baroque Gallery lasted about 1.5 hours. Even though it was raining, we enjoyed it. I also recommend visiting Zelená hora and the cemetery near the castle grounds.

What places will you visit?

  • The barrier of the Convent Pond
  • Convent of the former monastery
  • Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Nicolaus
  • Prelature oval fresco hall
  • Residence of the abbot with a library
  • Baroque horse stables
Barokní konírny